The Comedy Bin Stand-up

Welcome to the Comedy Bin, THE GREAT COMEDY MEET-UP ON FRIDAYS!!!!!!

If you are looking for a fun night out with loads of hilarious stand-up comedians, then wecan assure you, you have landed on the right planet. We bring to the stage a mix of totally new talent and established comedians testing the water with new material. Bouncing along proceedings are the experienced regular MCs who create a fun atmosphere where you'll laugh your socks off - you never know, they may even introduce you to (or be!) the next Superstar of Comedy.





T-Bird Comedy Club

132 Blackstock Road
Finsbury Park
London N4 2DX

doors: 7:30
show: 8:30

with MC Geoff Alderman

Every Friday Night New & Established Comedians, Edinburgh Fringe Performers & Award Winners.

The Entry is free.





Friday, 12 July 2024


Marco Chiu

Ben Henley

Mark O'Keeffe



0 comedy spots available


Friday, 19 July 2024


Henry Reilly

Jordan MacDonald

Elaine Miles



0 comedy spots available


Friday, 26 July 2024


Rez Bhatt

Tiger V.

Andrew Rakowski



0 comedy spots available


Friday, 02 August 2024


Julia Eckhoff

Daniel Ruiz Tizon



1 comedy spot available


Friday, 09 August 2024


Sean Little


2 comedy spot available


Friday, 16 August 2024


Jeroen Bloemhoff


2 comedy spot available


Friday, 23 August 2024


Jordan MacDonald


Peri Whyte



0 comedy spots available


Friday, 30 August 2024


Gareth Ball

Prateek Kohli

Calvin Smith



0 comedy spots available




Acts need to have done at least 150 gigs for T-Bird unless you think you are really funny ==> send us a video of you doing stand-up. We have also spots for new acts. However, they will only be allowed on stage if there is enough time and priority will be given to acts that bring along guests.

All gigs are to be treated as ‘real gigs’, i.e. no reading from the back of your hand or even worse reading from a laptop (which has happened in the past) etc.

Acts are encouraged to bring guests and help flyering in order to get booking priority the following month.

No-Shows: Whilst most of the acts do turn up, those who do not are taking the place of other acts who really want stage time but were not able to book a spot. As such, comics who do not turn up without notifying both us, and the MC beforehand (if possible a few days before the gig ) will not be able to book a spot the following two months. Your consideration is appreciated.

Arrival time: Please make sure to arrive half an hour before the gig. Should you be 
running late, then please get in touch with your MC otherwise your spot might turn into an open spot for acts that rock up.

Promotion: Each month we list all of our gigs on Time Out, Wozzon, Skiddle, Zvents 
and at least 15 other sites. We've also started using facebook groups a lot more and 
are having a big push on the promotional side of things. For each gig that you are 
booked in, we would ask that you post a link to the event on your facebook page and 
invite your friends, spread the word etc.